A NewNewsletter

the "handful of dry cereal" of email newsletters

Hello, and welcome to Midnight Snacks with an Insomniac.

This is a newsletter that I (Merritt) am writing. It will consist of things I think and films I watch and words I write, and to categorize it would be to defy the jumbled mess that is my highly neurotic brain. Think of each newsletter like a Snack. Delicious on its own, nearly always desirable, but certainly not nutritious or complete enough to qualify as a full meal.

Topics that will likely come up:

  • Film!

  • TV

  • Whatever random Trader Joe’s crap I’m eating this week (at the moment it’s blueberries and dark chocolate caramel wedges)

  • Mental Health

  • Salt Lake City (my city, I love it)

  • The Star Wars

  • Dramatic Retellings of Mishaps and Misadventures

I would love it if you added your email to the list and had some fun with me as I experiment and write and geek out. Just think about how much fun it is to get an email you actually want to get. This won’t quite be that, but it’s better than a Bed, Bath, or Beyond advertisement or an email from Karen in Accounting.

I’ll follow up via email.