Peaks 6/24

Utah Arts Festival and Shrimp

The big event of my weekend was attending the Utah Arts Festival, which was a delight! I knew the event was a big deal but this was my first time going. I didn’t end up participating in everything, but there was plenty to love, including readings, music, puppetry, and the Artists Marketplace.

I love looking at art on a more local level. The tie between crafts and art at is very strong, and often these artists get to have a more specialized or local slant than you would get to see in a museum. Here are some of my favorites from UAF:

Prince Duncan-Williams’ work was absolutely fascinating. There’s the cubist influences, obviously, but what I specifically loved is that these pieces are embroidered!! With threads! Look closely and you can see. It’s absolutely mesmerizing. This “silk mosaic” art is inspired by art in Duncan-Williams’ native Ghana.

Artist Darrell Driver called his work “Cerebral thoughts captured in Oil Painting.” Needless to say, I am 100% here for pop-art influenced surrealism!!!

Julie Roth’s art is eye catching, partly because of the scale. It’s super dynamic, and after reading that she does a lot of public art and murals in Wisconsin, her home, I feel like I have a reason to visit Wisconsin. Is it weird to say that I love lines? Because I really do love lines.

Shawn Harris’s photography/digital art hybrids look like a cross between a photo in an old “I Spy” book and a b-movie sci-fi which is to say I LOVE IT. Harris says that most of the figures in his pieces are himself, dressed up in masks, in front of a green screen which he then manipulates digitally. Every piece of his I saw was delightfully weird.

Last but not least is Stephanie Swift, who I’ve been a fan of for a few years— I even have some of her prints in my apartment! Swift started creating her art when the vintage signs and old buildings she loved were getting torn down, and she wanted to remember them. At her booths I often have great conversations about my favorite SLC places in all their (often kitschy) glory. Her art is nostalgic and vital. At the festival I was particularly pleased to see a huge print of the Salt Lake Costume Co. sign, which got torn down this year for new development.

That’s it for the Arts Festival! I will definitely be attending again next year.

On the movies front, I did see Toy Story 4 which was a blast. I am hopefully going to have a review up on Reel Women later this week, so I’ll link to that once it’s live. Also, as a reminder, all of the Toy Story films are freaking brilliant and gut-hurtingly hilarious.

Three little things that brought me joy this week:

  1. Scientists got real excited about finding this boi:

  1. THIS! SONG!

3. A “Choose Your Own Adventure” twitter thread to see how long you would survive as Beyonce’s assistant (hint: unless you are much better than me, not long).

I hate heat and being hot and sweating, so summer is typically not a happy time for me. But this summer I am determined to enjoy myself! I have been using the Pool Party episode of Shrill as my North Star, and have been wearing shorts and going to the pool as much as possible and overall just living my best life. And it has been fun! I highly recommend it! Every body is a swimsuit body, and when it’s hot out bodies feel a lot better in a cool pool. Also I died my hair rose gold, which is definitely giving me energy.

I saved the best for last!!! I went to Taqueria 27, a local SLC restaurant with a few different locations, and very much enjoyed it. They may not be super authentic tacos but they’re delicious, hipster-y tacos. However, the best thing I at there by far was the “Grilled Shrimp Tostada Bites,” described on the website as “8 thick cut corn chips topped with fresh guacamole, cilantro pesto marinated grilled shrimp and balsamic-agave syrup.” I’m telling you, I could eat these every day into eternity. Easily my favorite SLC eat since the Dim Sum noodles at the Downtown Farmer’s Market and the Albacore Garlic sushi roll at Fat Fish. Next time you’re in SLC, try it!

That’s it for now! Have a good Monday.